Clothed with nakedness

Psalm 132 contrasts the faithful priests of God who are clothed with righteousness with the enemies of the king who are clothed with shame. My five year old observed a link between the ones clothed with shame here and the shame of nakedness in the garden. I think it fits. After the fall, Adam and Eve knew they were naked and they tried to cover their shame with fig leaves. Their sin was exposed and they were afraid. Here, the enemies are those who will not serve the king as priests (house servants). Instead of getting the robes of righteousness, they are clothed with shame, with nakedness; clothed with the uncovering of their sin.



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2 responses to “Clothed with nakedness”

  1. Uri Brito Avatar

    Excellent Work, Joshua. Kudos to your little one also.

    1. Joshua Avatar

      Thank you.