War and Murder

Some pacifists indulge in calling war murder. Ever since men could speak, murder and war stood approximately at opposite ends of the scale of social processes. The murderer was and is pre-tribal; he expresses his will against another will. War defends the order to which the warrior has surrendered part of his will because he believes in a higher, supernatural peace and order between men which depends for its existence on his acts. Not to go to war, means to desert the peace which my body politic has established. Not to murder means to respect the continuity which my body politic has built up.
-Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy

So what about killing those who are simply inconvenient? We have no use for you or you’re a burden, so we’ll just kill you? Is abortion war? Is it an attempt to maintain the social order against an enemy army of unwanted infants? Or is it murder? You interrupt my life. This is bad timing. I don’t want the constant reminder of what happened. or of what I did. So I’m choosing my will over yours. My life. me.