The incarnation of God

In Peter Leithart’s forthcoming book The Four: A Survey of the Gospels he quotes N.T. Wright’s summary of Jesus as the incarnation of Yahweh:

Let us suppose that this God were to become human. What would such a God look like? This is the really scary thing that many never come to grips with; not that Jesus might be identified with a remote, lofty, imaginary being (any fool could see the flaw in that idea), but that God, the real God, the one true God, might actually be like Jesus. And not a droopy, pre-Raphaelite Jesus, either, but a shrewd Palestinian Jewish villager, who drank wine with his friends, agonized over the plight of his people, taught in strange stories and pungent aphorisms, and was executed by the occupying forces.

(If anyone wants to buy this for me, maybe for Christmas, I wouldn’t mind.)