No other rock

Is there a God besides me? There is no Rock; I know not any.

Isaiah 44 highlights the folly of idol-making. The idolater looks ridiculous, as blind and undiscerning as the block of wood that he worships. He cuts the wood and uses half for fuel and the other half he carves into a god and bows down to worship it. He burns the wood to warm himself, but ignores the guiding, protecting, and consuming flame of God.

This forming of idols is contrasted with God’s forming of Jacob . God chooses Jacob and forms him and helps him. The idolaters choose a tree and form a god. Yahweh pours out water to refresh his people. The idolaters faint from their work. Yahweh declares what is to come, but the idols are powerless and mute. The idolaters form a god to serve, but God forms Jacob as His servant. Men bow down to what they have created, but God redeems what He has created.