Category: David Chilton

  • Eucharist

    From David Chilton’s Days of Vengeance: The Eucharist is at the center of our life, and all of life flows out of this central liturgy. The “shape” of the Eucharistic liturgy, therefore, gives shape to the rest of life, the daily liturgy we follow as we pursue our calling to exercise dominion over the earth. […]

  • The will of God

    From David Chilton’s Days of Vengeance, regarding Revelation 17:17: The sovereign Lord is thus not at the mercy of the Beast and his minions; rather, all these events have been predestined for God’s glory, through the execution of His decrees. For God has put it into their hearts to execute His purpose by having a […]

  • Liturgy of ascension

    From David Chilton’s book The Days of Vengeance: “The early Christians realized that in order to become the temple of the Holy Spirit they must ascend to heaven where Christ has ascended. They realized also that this ascension was the very condition of their mission in the world, of their ministry to the world. For […]